Find Large Files on Windows PC with Large Files and Folders Finder+

We are surprised when the new hard drive that we had just bought a few months ago has no more free space left. And then the obvious question that comes to our minds is where all the storage space went? The question can be answered by an intelligent software called Large Files and Folders Finder+.

It is a free software that can scan one or more of your available volumes or partitions and ferret out the largest files and folders that are responsible for taking up all the space. It comes with a very friendly and easy-to-use interface.

After launching the Large Files and Folders Finder+ software, we can select the partitions (drives) that we want to scan. We can also set a filter for the minimum size for the files and folders. It will find the folders that are larger in size than this minimum size. By default the minimum size is 500 MB but we can change it if needed. Once this is done, we can click on Start to make it scan the selected drives.

Large Files and Folders Finder+

It is really fast when scanning the drives for large files. Only in a few seconds, it will populate a list with all the large files or folders that it has found on your Windows PC. While most of these items are system files and cannot be removed, some of them are files that can easily be removed without affecting the system. In general, we should avoid removing files from the Windows installation folder, user profile folder and the program installation folder.

Large Files and Folders Finder+

Large Files and Folders Finder+ is very useful software that can help the Windows users in finding and removing very large files from their system. However, it does not inform the user about the risk in accidentally removing system files. Users have to be smart enough to understand which files belong to the operating system or are needed for Windows to work.

You can download Large Files and Folders Finder+ from