Generate and Test Passwords with Alternate Password Generator

In this world where so many accounts, both offline or online, are protected just by a password, it makes sense to carefully select very strong passwords for all of your accounts. One way to choose a strong password for your use is through a freeware like Alternate Password Generator. It is a Windows application that can be used for generating strong passwords as well as for testing them against dictionary and brute-force attacks.

Test passwords for weakness

In the Alternate Password Generator window, you can type a password that you have been using for one or more of your accounts and then click on the Check button. This will analyze the password and inform you if it is too short and whether it contains lowercase, uppercase, numerals or special characters. It will then run a dictionary attack on that password failing which it will run a brute-force attack.

Password Generator

Generate strong passwords

If you click on the Generate button, you will be taken to a small password generator window. Here we can choose the length of the password, the various character sets to be used when generating the password, and then click on the Generate button. The randomly generated password can be copied to the clipboard or can be used for analysis and testing.

Password Generator

Generate multiple passwords instantly

What if you want to generate more than one password in just one click? Alternate Password Generator offers a tool for generating password lists. This tool is available from the menubar. When used, it creates a list of 10 randomly generated passwords. We can change the number of passwords generated by this tool in the program settings.

Password Generator

Change password analysis settings

In the Alternate Password Generator settings, we can choose fonts, colors and number of passwords generated by the password list tool which can be anything in multiples of 10, from 10 to 100. We can also choose the password dictionary file and the character-sets used for the brute-force attack.

Password Generator


Alternate Password Generator is a very useful tool when it comes to generating strong passwords for using in various offline and online accounts. We can also use to analyzing and finding out whether a password is weak and vulnerable to attacks.

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