Highlight Webpages in Chrome Using Weava Highlighter

Weava Highlighter is Chrome browser extension that can help anyone do research online on any topic. Instead of writing down everything using a paper and pen, we can use Weava Highlighter. For using this free tool, we must create a free account on Weava website. This account is needed to store information about all the webpages or articles that we are researching. Now we do not have to resort to bookmarking all the articles, webpages, or PDF files and we can just this browser extension to save time and make everything easier.

After installing this extension in your Chrome browser, you can login to your Weava account by clicking on its icon in the toolbar/omnibar. Once this is done, we can visit any webpage and select all the text that we want to highlight. As soon some text is selected, you will see tiny controls to choose colors for highlighting that text. These are the same familiar colors that we find in commercial highlighter pens.

Weava Highlighter

When we highlight something using Weava Highlighter, it is saved in your Weava account. We can view all the articles, pages, PDF files that we have highlighted under the Weava dashboard. Here you will find a big list of all the articles and their links.

Weava Highlighter

If you have to highlight a PDF file that is located on your local hard drive, then you have to first click on the Weava Highlighter icon in the omnibar and then choose to Upload PDFs. These uploaded PDF files can later be found under the documents section of Weava Highlighter dashboard. We can open them in Chrome and highlight the text inside them in a similar manner.

Weava Highlighter

Weava Highlighter is a productive tool and is really helpful in researching books, PDFs, webpages and articles online. It is a very useful tool for all the grad students working hard to finish their project reports.

You can get Weava Highlighter from https://www.weavatools.com/.