Image Synthesizer Generates Images Using Mathematical Functions

Image Synthesizer is a Java based application that is able to generate images based on mathematical functions. It can generate images with colors and patterns determined by various trigonometric functions and constraints. Using the basic conditional statements, we can change the way the graphics are generated in real time. We can also change the RGB values for various conditional parts and constraints to set the color for various parts of the generated images.

The very first and only requirement for running Image Synthesizer on your system is that you have Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer. The same JAR file can be used on Linux, macOS or Windows without any problem.

In the Image Synthesizer window, you have to choose the width and height of the image in terms of pixels. You can also change the range of the coordinates that should be covered when generating the images. There are some presets for coordinate ranges but you can also specify them manually. If you are going to use trigonometric functions, then it is best to use a multiple of PI (π) for the coordinate limits.

Image Synthesizer

There are two types of mathematical images generated – one using the functions and another using the conditional statements. For both, you are given a few presets and you can also enter your own functions. A preview of the generated image is displayed in the window. When you click on the “Generate” button, it actually generated the real image which can be saved in a number of file formats. Since it is powered by ImageJ, it offers a wide variety of image file formats to be saved.

Image Synthesizer

Image Synthesizer can be used as experimental tool for understanding mathematical graphics and also for beginner programming students to understand how graphics libraries work in Java.

You can download Image Synthesizer from