Monitor and Control Windows Services with ServiceTray

ServiceTray is a free application for Windows using which we can control any Windows service from the comfort of the notification area or system tray. It provides us a convenient graphical user interface for starting, stopping or monitoring any service that is install on a Windows system.

However, it does not give access to the management all the services like in the Windows Services Manager. We have to create separate shortcuts for all the services that we want to control. When we launch ServiceTray, it shows a list of all the installed services, an icon to choose, and the folder where the shortcut to control the selected service will be created.


If you want to manage two or more services, then you will have to create two or more shortcuts – one shortcut per service. When we double-click on these shortcuts, it places an icon in the system tray. So if you want to manually run ServiceTray for a service, then we can place these shortcuts on the Desktop. If you want these shortcuts to be run at Windows logon, then we can copy them to the user profile “Startup” folder.


From the system tray icon of ServiceTray for a particular service, we can control that service. We can right-click on this icon and choose to start, restart, and stop that service. We can also view the details of that service and launch Windows Service manager or Task Manager from this notification area icon. This system tray icon will change color when the service status changes (stopped or started). You will also see an alert when such an event occurs.


ServiceTray reminds me of the Apache Web Server system tray control icon which also allows starting, stopping or restarting Apache web server service easily. Now with the help of ServiceTray, we can have a similar control for any other service installed on Windows.

You can download ServiceTray from