Overclock Ryzen Powered Laptops with Ryzen Controller

Overclocking of a processor or graphics card is done to make it run at a much higher clock-frequency than it is officially designed to run. It is done mostly by PC gamers who want to make the best performance out of their gaming rigs. While overclocking is allowed for the desktop processors, it has been avoided for the most part in the case of mobile devices such as notebook computers. This is because the laptops are usually limited in the thermal cooling department that is necessary when overclocking is done.

But now with the help of Ryzen Controller, we can overclock even the Ryzen powered notebook computers. So if you have a gaming laptop that uses any of the AMD Ryzen processors, then you can also squeeze every single bit of performance using Ryzen Controller.

Ryzen Controller is available for Windows and Linux. Obviously, there is no Mac version since Apple does not use Ryzen in Macs. It supports the Ryzen 2xxx (Raven Ridge), 3xxx (Picasso) and 4xxx (Renoir) APU family. Basically, if you have recently bought a Ryzen based laptop, then it should work for you.

Ryzen Controller

Ryzen Controller can do two things for you – first, it can remove the thermal limit that is imposed on the mobile versions of Ryzen processors. And second, it allows you to change the clock-frequency of the APU. By removing the thermal limit, we can make the processors run faster than it is allowed to.

It can be used to both overclock and underclock the APU. Underclocking is not really desired by many people, but it could be helpful if you are trying to make the battery last longer or turn down the cooling fan noise. Depending on how you use it, you can create presets for later use. Under the presets, you can configure the settings for the CPU, GPU and power for the Ryzen APUs.

Ryzen Controller

Before you start using Ryzen Controller, you should pay attention to its warning that reads that the developers are not liable to any damages that it may cause. In general, you should avoid overclocking your Ryzen laptops for a long duration of time.

You can download Ryzen Controller from https://gitlab.com/ryzen-controller-team/ryzen-controller.