How to Delete Your IFTTT Account Permanently

IFTTT is a very useful automation tool that works on multiple device types. The first step when starting with IFTTT is that you create a new user account. This account holds all the information, user created applets, settings and applet configurations. We can also use the IFTTT account to sync the settings across various devices. However if you find yourself in a situation that you no longer need the IFTTT services then it is a good idea to delete the account. When you delete your IFTTT account on one device, you will be automatically signed out from your IFTTT account on all the devices.

Here is how you can delete your IFTTT account:

  1. Use a desktop web browser to visit and login to your IFTTT account.
  2. Navigate to the IFTTT settings by visiting or by pulling the user menu. Under the settings page,  click on the  Delete my account link.Delete IFTTT Account
  3. You will be asked to either enter your IFTTT password or send an email verification. In the latter case, an email message will be sent to your email address containing the reset link.Delete IFTTT Account
  4. When you click on the password reset link, it will send you to the account deletion page. Here you an option to delete all the files that are stored on IFTTT for various settings and applets. Then you can click on the  Delete my account button.Delete IFTTT Account
  5. In a short while, your account is permanently deleted and you are show a message to the fact that your account has been deleted.Delete IFTTT Account

We can follow the same process on the smartphone app for Android or iOS. But it is much easier to do it on a web browser for your desktop computer or laptop.

Once you have deleted your IFTTT account, there is no turning back or undoing. All you can do now is that you can create a new IFTTT account and configure it again for your use.