Recover Deleted Files Quickly with Glarysoft File Recovery

When we accidentally delete files from our computer, not everything has been lost. The reason being that even after a file has been deleted from Windows File Explorer, it remains on the hard drive. The operating system simply removes its reference from the master file table (MFT).

We can use specialized software such as Glarysoft File Recovery to scan out storage drives for deleted files and recover them easily. However, you have to hurry the recovery process as soon as you discover that you have lost files. If any newer files are copied or saved to the same partition, then the data of the deleted files could be overwritten by the new files. This is why when you install Glarysoft File Recovery on your PC, it asks you not to install it on the drive from where you want to recover the data.

Glarysoft File Recovery

Glarysoft File Recovery has a very modern interface. It allows you to select the drive or partition from where you want to recover the data. It displays all the discovered partitions including any possible lost partitions. If you have connected a removable drive to your PC after launching Glarysoft File Recovery, then you can click on the “refresh” button to make it discover any new drives.

Glarysoft File Recovery

It scans for deleted files or lost data in two consecutive modes – first it uses a quick scan mode and then it continues to scan the partitions using an advanced deep scan mode. The quick scan mode may not find all the lost files but is great for finding recently lost data. The advanced scan mode is good for a full and thorough scan for any lost files.

The files that it has found can be displayed in two ways – using a file path hierarchical view or using the file types such as images, videos, documents etc. For some file types such as images, it can display previews as you select them. The selected deleted files from the list can be recovered by clicking on the “Recover” button and choosing a destination folder.

Glarysoft File Recovery

All in all, Glarysoft File Recovery is a decent file recovery tool for Windows users. It presents a modern user interface and takes only a few minutes in finding your lost data.

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