Acebyte Utilities for Windows for Optimizing and Fixing PC

It is not very uncommon to encounter problems with Windows computers after using  them for months. These problems could be due to a number of reasons such as garbage files, missing files, messed up settings and more. No matter what the underlying reason is for a problem, we can try to fix it using the free Acebyte Utilities. It is a free and very comprehensive software which can be used to optimize Windows PC, fix its problems and keep it running in good condition.

Acebyte Utilities comes with tools to make sure that file system is clean, garbage files are removed, any errors are terminated, driver conflicts are resolved, hard drive and internet is optimized. In general this software can improve the performance of any Windows PC.

Acebyte Utilities

Acebyte Utilities has a traditional user interface and reminds of McAfee Nuts and Bolts from 90s. You can choose to use various tools that come with the software in two ways – either by launching them individually or by launching a group of tools for a specific purpose such as turbo boosting and privacy protection.

Under the privacy protection section, you will find all the tools for scanning and cleaning your PC and internet usage tracks. You can clean the history saved by the web browsers, instant messengers, Windows File Explorer history, multimedia history and usage history stored by other applications.

Acebyte Utilities

You can find all the tools inside the Utilities Box section. All the tools are categorized under recently used items, optimizing, cleaning, repairing and controlling. These tools can help you control auto-running programs, manage memory hogs, clean Windows registry, backup installed drivers and more.

Acebyte Utilities is available in a free version, but it has many limitations. So many tools are marked “Pro” which means they will be allowed only in the Pro version. In order to use those tools, we have to buy a licence to the Pro version first.

You can download Acebyte Utilities from