Download Windows 11 Desktop Backgrounds in 4K

After all these years, Windows 11 has been announced. According to the rumor, Windows 11 will be launched somewhere around June 2021. The new version of the Windows operating system has new features added and old features upgraded. There is so much speculation about Windows 11 on the internet – what it is going to have, what it will have removed, and how it is going to look. But we will find out for real only when it is launched.

As it always seem to happen, before Microsoft can launch Windows 11, someone has leaked some parts of this mammoth update. This includes the desktop backgrounds that are included in the Windows 11. And now this bundle of wallpaper images is making rounds all over the internet. If you also want to try out these wallpapers on your Windows 10 PC (or any other desktop computer whether Linux or macOS), then you just have to download these pack of wallpapers and use them on your computer.

Windows 11 Wallpapers

Some of these wallpaper images are in very high 4K resolution. Some of them are designed to be used on touchscreen computers. There are also two broad versions of the wallpapers – dark and light. You can download the ZIP archive containing the leaked official Microsoft Windows 11 wallpapers and you will find all the images there. There are many folders in which a different set of the same images is put. Most of the Windows users are going to use the “Screen” folder as it contains all the wallpapers for a typical non-touch ready screen computer.

Windows 11 Wallpapers

Setting up these downloaded Windows 11 desktop backgrounds is very easy. All you have to do is right-click on any of these images and choose Set as desktop background. You can also choose to use a third-party application such as IrfanView, XnView, or FastStone Image Viewer to set any image as your Windows desktop background easily.

You can download Windows 11 desktop backgrounds from