How to Enable Dark Mode in Notepad++

Notepad++, the most popular editor application for Windows’ users, has finally introduced the dark mode. In a blog post, they mention that dark mode was one of the most demanded features and they have finally added it in Notepad++ starting with version 8. In addition, the new version of Notepad++ also comes with Fluent UI which gives it a new modern look.

The dark mode for Notepad++ is really useful for the developers, programmers, and other users who spent many hours working through Notepad++. The bright blue light coming from the LCD screens can put your eyes under heavy stress. When this happens you cannot focus your eyes on any text and it becomes a little difficult to read the text on the screen.

Easiest way to reduce the LCD screen light causing strain on your eyes is to enable the dark mode. It will instantly give you relief and is well suited for the people who burn the midnight oil and work in darker environments in the late night office hours.

Notepad++ Dark Mode

Here is how you can enable the dark mode for Notepad++ :

  1. First of all ensure that you are using Notepad++ version 8.0 or above. This is because the dark mode feature has been introduced in version 8.0 only. You can download the latest version of Notepad++ from its official website from
  2. Launch Notepad++ and then select SettingsPreferences from the menubar.Notepad++ Dark Mode
  3. Select Dark mode category from the left side list.
  4. Select the checkbox labeled Enable dark mode and then restart Notepad++.Notepad++ Dark Mode

As soon as you place a checkmark in the Enable dark mode checkbox, the user interface becomes dark. But Notepad++ recommends that you restart the application so that dark mode can be applied completely. Without restarting the Notepad++ application, the dark mode is not really applied when you try to pull down various menu items from the menubar.