Is Your PC Ready for Windows 11? Find with WhyNotWin11

Ever since Microsoft has announced the requirements for their up and coming major version update Windows 11, everyone is trying find if their computer meets all the requirements. Microsoft has outlined all the basic requirements for installing Windows 11 or upgrading to Windows 11 from Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Based on this information, someone has developed a tool called WhyNotWin11.

Using the open-source tool WhyNotWin11, we can quickly check if a computer can be upgraded to Windows 11. We do not have to manually check everything.  We can just download and launch WhyNotWin11 on our Windows PC and it will tell you everything – why your PC is not ready for Windows 11 or if your PC meets all the requirements.

WhyNotWin11 performs an in-depth analysis of your computer which covers your CPU, GPU, hard drive, RAM and other things. In its window, you will find all the requirements against which it displays information. If a requirement is met, a green OK is shown next to it. If a requirement is not met, it displays a red cross next to it. If it is not able to determine whether a requirement is properly met, then it shows a yellow question mark.


Among the various components that it checks against are – CPU+OS architecture, boot method, CPU compatiblity, CPU core count, CPU frequency, DirectX + WDDM2, disk partition type, RAM installed, secure boot, storage available and TPM version.

On the top of the window WhyNotWin11 clearly mentions that the results are based on the currently known requirements. Perhaps in the future Microsoft will add more requirements and then we will have to re-run a new version of WhyNotWin11 to find the details. For example, yesterday Microsoft added one more requirement – all computers except desktop computers must have a front HD camera starting. However, this new requirement takes effect from 2023. If you forget to upgrade by then, this new requirement is going to disqualify millions of laptops without camera from upgrade to Windows 11.

You can download WhyNotWin11 from