CCExtractor : Extract Subtitles from any Video File

CCExtractor is an advanced program to extract the subtitles or closed captions from any type of video into a variety of formats. It can extract the the subtitles if they are encapsulated together with the video stream. It can extract the subtitles even if the subtitles are burned into the video frames through the use of OCR.

CCExtractor is meant to be used on a Linux machine, Mac or Windows PC. It is offered in two flavors – one is command line version which could be a little bit difficult for the beginners, another one is the GUI version which acts as a front end to the command line version.

In the GUI version, we can begin by adding the video file from which you want to extract the subtitles. You can add as many video files as you desire. Then you have to set a number of options given under a number of tabs such as input options, advanced input options, decoders, burned-in subtitles extraction and execution.


If you want to be able to use OCR so that you can extract the burned-in subtitles, then you should use the Linux version. You have to install some OCR related programs such as Tesseract OCR, Leptonica and FFmpeg before you can use this feature. This feature does not seem to work on Windows.

When it comes to the type of output files it can generate, there are so many options. We can choose the output file type from SRT, Sami, TXT, TTXT, g608, TTML, WebVTT, RAW, DVDRAW, BIN, spuPNG, SimpleXML, WebVTT with styling and a full report.


Based on the options we choose, it will generate a command line which we can execute manually or switch over to the Execution tab and click on the Start button. It will run the CCExtractor with the proper parameters, extract the subtitles into a file and inform you about the whole process.

CCExtractor is a nice tool to extract subtitles or closed captions from any video file. However, it seems to work better on a Linux system.

You can download CCExtractor from