How to Sign Out from Peacock TV on All Devices

Peacock TV is an online OTT (over the top) on demand media streaming service owned by NBC Universal. It was first started in 2019 but it has become much more popular now after they have announced live streaming of Tokyo Olympics 2021.

Peacock TV is available through a web browser, through various apps for Android and iOS, and through various other devices such as Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, and Sony PlayStation. You can use the same account and sign-in on any of these devices to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, documentaries and sports events.

If you forgot to sign-out from your account on a device that is no longer in your possession, then there is a way to sign out from all of your devices quickly.

Here is how you can instantly sign-out from your Peacock TV account on all the devices:

  1. Visit in your desktop web browser and login to your account.
  2. Click on the user profile icon near the top-right corner.Signout from Peacock TV
  3. On the choose profile screen, click on the Account button in the top-right corner.
  4. On the Account screen, select the Devices tab.
  5. Under the Other Devices section click on Sign Out All.Signout from Peacock TV

These steps will sign you out from your Peacock TV account on all the devices except the web browser. This is a very useful for two scenarios – first when you have forgotten to sign out from a shared device such as your relatives’ laptop, and secondly it also allows you to sign out from a device that is no longer in use, lost or damaged.

Peacock TV is available for free to anyone living in the United States. The service is not yet available to the users outside the United States. They offer free account which gives you access to all the content except some premium shows which you can watch if you have a paid premium account.