PandaVPN : Free VPN Protection for Android Device

Virtual private networking (VPN) is a really useful tool for protecting your privacy online. Using a good VPN, you can hide your identity, you can hide your IP address and avoid getting tracked by tracking servers or tracking cookies. Moreover, you can unlock the geographical restrictions sometimes imposed by dictatorial states.

If you are looking for a VPN for your Android device, then PandaVPN is a good option. It features free VPN servers for everyone and ability to block many of the tracking servers. It can also mock GPS location on your phone globally so that you appear to be located in a different country. With the ability to DNS forward, you can also choose a protocol to query the DNS servers.

PandaVPN is extremely easy to use on your Android phone. You can simply launch PandaVPN and then tap on the toggle button to turn it on. You will see a key icon in the notification bar of your Android device which indicates that a VPN is active. You can choose from hundreds of free and VIP servers. Obviously for the VIP servers, you have to either buy a subscription or you can invite your friends to use PandaVPN.


PandaVPN has a special feature using which you can choose the VPN proxy mode. By default, it uses a smart mode which can make decision based on your location. But you can also pick one of the modes from – Bypass LAN, Bypass mainland China, Bypass LAN & mainland China, Only proxy the GFW list, Only proxy the mainland China websites, or Global mode.


In the settings for PandaVPN, you can enable split tunneling to use VPN or bypass VPN based on a set of rules, we can choose settings for DNS forwarding, mock GPS location, toggle notifications, display status bar icon and display network speed in the notification bar.


We tried PandaVPN on an Android 10 smartphone and it worked without any problems. The overall experience was very smooth and without hiccups. It is very easy to use for the users of all experience levels.

You can get PandaVPN for Android from