Serv-U : Advanced and Secure FTP Server for Windows

There are many FTP servers available for Windows based servers. Some of these FTP servers are free and others are commercial servers. If you want a really advanced and secure FTP server for Windows, then you should give Serv-U a try.

Serv-U is a powerful FTP server that is ideal for both the advanced system admins and for the novice users starting their adventure with managing an FTP server. It provides access to all sorts of FTP protocols such as plain FTP, encrypted SFTP and FTPS. Furthermore, it also has a web interface for file download that can be server over HTTP or HTTPS protocols.

When you access Serv-U FTP server through the HTTP/HTTPS protocols through a web browser, it shows the web client interface which has all the features from a very easy-to-use UI. We can jump to FTP Voyager or FTP classic interfaces. The FTP Voyagr interface requires that we have Oracle JRE installed and the FTP classic is the usual FTP interface that displays a list of files in a very plain interface.

Serv-U FTP Server

Using the same software package, we can configure multiple domains and serve files for dozens of domains through the same interface. We can also add users of various kinds for all of these domains. The users have different kinds of permissions such as administrators, ordinary users or read-only users. There are virtually unlimited number of domains and an unlimited number of users that can be added.

Serv-U FTP Server

The software works with databases, supports encryption SSL/TSL and offers full IPv4 and IPv6 support. It is compatible with all the FTP clients and web browsers. It can be accessed through desktop or mobile devices alike.  It allows you to resume broken sessions, introduce many limits (for example, the number of connections to the server and the upload or download speeds). The server can be controlled both locally and from a remote computer.

You can download a trial version of Serv-U FTP Server from