Use Crucial Scanner to Find Compatible Hardware Upgrades for PC

Recently one of the memory modules in my old laptop had become faulty and I used MemTest86 to check for errors in this RAM module. When the RAM turned out to be faulty, the next obvious step was to find a compatible RAM module that works on my PC. Because if we buy a memory module that does not fit the specifications of the motherboard, it will not work and we will end up wasting money.

One way to find a suitable upgrade part for your PC is by searching on Amazon and seeing if the parts have the same specifications as the old one. But another easier way is to use Crucial System Scanner to find all the upgrades that match your system. This way not only you are sure to get the parts that work on your PC but you also get high quality parts from Crucial. Here is how:

  1. Visit Crucial website at and click on the Start Your Scan. Alternatively, you can also directly visit In both cases, it will download a small program on your PC.
  2. Launch the downloaded Crucial System Scanner CrucialScan.exe. In a few seconds, it will scan your system and display an HTML page in your web browser with all the matching upgrades available from Crucial.Crucial Scan for Upgrades
  3. You can go through the whole list and find the upgrades that can boost your system’s performance. For example, it will show you a number of SSD drives that can be installed on your system or the RAM modules that can be installed. You can click on Where to Buy button to order it online quickly.Crucial Scan for Upgrades

Since Crucial has localized online stores for many countries, it is advised to visit the local Crucial online sites and launch the scanner from there. For example, if you are in UK then you should visit, in Japan visit or in India etc.