Create, Edit and Convert PDF Files Easily with PDFCool Studio

PDFCool Studio is powerful software for creating, editing and converting PDF files on your computer. Furthermore, we can also use this program as a PDF viewer so that we can quickly and easily view any documents saved in the PDF format.

PDFCool Studio can be used to create new PDF documents from scratch. We can add text and images very easily in the new PDF documents and then export them as PDF files. It has an easy-to-use user interface which makes everything so easy.

It comes with conversion tools which are used to convert files in both directions – from PDF to other types and from other formats into PDF. These tools can be accessed from the menubar. We can use these conversion tools to convert any PDF file into DOC, DOCX, HTML, TXT, etc. We can also convert PDF into images or SVG files.

PDFCool Studio

If you do not want the text from your PDF files to be copied, then it offers something called graphical PDF files. What it does, is that it takes text based PDF files (from which you can copy text or search for text strings) and converts them into JPEG images based PDF file. Since the PDF file contains only JPEG images, you can search for any text or copy the text.

One very interesting feature that PDFCool Studio offers is inserting barcodes in the pages. Using this tool we can insert one-dimensional or two-dimensional (data-matrix) barcodes on all the pages of a PDF file. The barcodes can be Code39 or Code128 type. The barcodes can be rotated at any angle.

PDFCool Studio also has a lot of useful options and tools for managing and editing the PDF files. Among other things, it can be used to combine pages, split PDF files, extract elements, rotate the pages and apply watermarks.

You can download trial version of PDFCool Studio from