Easily Change Folder Icons in Windows with Folder Marker

Folder Marker is a Windows application that makes it very easy to change the icons used in any folder so that it stands out when viewed inside Windows File Explorer. It comes with a huge library of icons to be used for various folders and more icons can be downloaded. It also allows the users to apply their own custom icons in the ICO format.

Folder Marker must be installed on your Windows PC before it can be used to change the folder icons. After you launch it, you can choose a folder for which you want to assign a custom icon. We can select a folder by clicking on the small browse icon. We can choose one folder or we can keep selecting folders and adding them to the list. The changes will be made to all the selected folders.

Folder Marker

After selecting a target icon, the second step is to choose a new folder icon for it. Folder Marker comes with several sets of icons – alphabet icons, numeral icons, popular application icons, colored folder icons, everyday use icons, mainstream regular icons, user icons and more. If you want to use your own, then you can switch to the “User Icons” tab and add the icon for your use.

Folder Marker

Finally in the third step, you have to decide whether you want to apply the new icon for the top folder only or apply it to all the subfolders also. After this, you can click on the Apply button. The changes will be applied in a few seconds. You may experience a flicker on your screen but it is only updating the new icons.

Folder Marker

You can keep making changes to your folders as much as you want. But what if you want to restore the icons back to their regular folder icons? Folder Marker provides several methods to restore the original icons. From its menu, we can choose to restore the icon for the selected folders, we can rollback all the changes it has made to your system, we can also backup/restore the icon settings.

You can download Folder Marker from https://foldermarker.com/en/.