Epic Games Store Giveaway : Rebel Galaxy

Like they do every week, Epic Games store is now giving away a new game called Rebel Galaxy. It is a space action RPG game where you have to survive and carry out missions in the known parts of our universe. If you are a fan of GalaxyQuest, StarGate SG1, Star Wars or Star Trek, then you are going to love this game.

In this game you have to engage in combats while exploring the vast universe only to meet new and more hostile occupants of other galaxies. You have discover new places in various galaxies, strike up friendly relations with them, start trades and cooperation if possible.

You can choose a role to play from a power hungry privateer, a skilled space trader or a rogue. Each of these will take you to a different path in the game. Consequently you will have a different experience in the game. During the game play, you have to battle with pirate ships, engage in battles, make friends, scavenge abandoned ships, mine asteroids and more.

Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy has very basic system requirements and runs even on old Windows XP computers. Your system must have a minimum of 2 GB RAM memory, 2 GB of space on the hard drive, any Intel Core 2 Duo processor, DirectX 9 compatible GPU and the game is going to run fine. It is a single player game and supports game controller based movement.

In order to claim the giveaway, you have to visit https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/rebel-galaxy and then click on the Get button. It will take you to the checkout page, but you do not have to any anything since the game is a giveaway game right now. After the checkout, it will be added to your Epic Store games library. You can use Epic Store client for your PC or Mac to download and install it on your computer.