Flame Painter : Create Impressive Paintings with Flame Brushes

Flame Painter is a graphics editor which comes with a number of special flame brushes. These brushes draw flames, fires, burning ambers and sparks in the picture. We can use this to create art works from scratch or we can use it to draw flames over an existing image. If you want to take your portrait and turn it into the Fantastic Four member Human Torch.

Flame Painter is just like any other image editor such as GIMP, but it comes with a set of very impressive flame brushes. It allows you to create flames through the use of these brushes. The brushes leave light trails easily and without any special experience or skills. It works extremely easily and the result appear to be very nice. The brushes can be customize by picking the brush sizes and the colors.

After loading an image in Flame Painter, all we have to do is pick one of the brushes and start drawing right away. The results are visible in front of us. Depending on how fast or how slow we move the brush, the flame brushes produce different results. In addition to the mouse, we can also use touchscreen to draw the flames. It comes with special set of brushes that can be used to create light trails.

Flame Painter

Just like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, Flame Painter supports layers. Because of the layers based support, there is no problem in drawing over the images and apply effects to them. We can enable or disable the layers to see how the effects are changing the original picture. We can also use original picture to trace flames around it and then remove the original layer to create beautiful flames.

It supports importing and exporting the projects to a number of image files. It supports many file formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, PSD, and TIFF.

You can download Flame Painter from https://www.escapemotions.com/.