How to Save and Load Sessions in the Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi web browser always surprises the users with new features. For example, I just noticed that Vivaldi has a save session feature using which we can save the current session and load it anytime later. In other web browsers, we can load only last session and if we close the window, that last session gets overwritten with the newer last session.

But in the Vivaldi web browser, we do not have to worry about losing the last session. We can save a session and give it a custom name. We can open it any time later, tomorrow, next week, next month or even next year.

Here is how you can save and open sessions in Vivaldi:

  1. Launch Vivaldi browser and open all the sites that you want to open. Browse sites, login to online services, and do whatever you usually do. Bring the tabs to the point where you want to save it.
  2. When you are ready to save the session, click on the Vivaldi menu icon in the top-left corner of the window, select Files from this menu and then Save Open Tabs as Session.Save Sessions in Vivaldi Browser
  3. You will be asked to give this session name. Give an identifying name and click on the Save button. For example, if you were trying to pay taxes online and want to save the session so you can continue next week, then you can give it a name “PayingTaxes” and then click on the Save button.Save Sessions in Vivaldi Browser
  4. Now that you have saved the sessions, you can load it any time by selecting File and then Open Saved Session from the Vivaldi menu.
  5. You will be shown a list of saved sessions. Select the session that you want to load and then click on the Open button. You can also delete a session when it is no longer needed.Save Sessions in Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi web browser is unique in the way it keeps introducing new and exciting features to the users. The ability to save and load sessions in Vivaldi is certainly going to be productive and life saving for many of us. We can save multiple sessions and choose which of the sessions to load.