SterJo Edge Passwords : Recover Passwords Stored in Edge Browser

Edge web browser was Microsoft’s attempt to replace Microsoft’s ages old Internet Explorer browser. First they tried to develop the Edge browser based on their own rendering engine but later they adopted Chromium project’s Blink rendering engine which is one of the fastest engines available today. This new web browser is available not only for the Windows operating system, but also for the Linux and macOS systems.

If you also have been using the new Edge web browser from Microsoft, then you may have stored some of your passwords in it. And if you cannot remember the passwords that you had stored in your Edge web browser, then a freeware application called “SterJo Edge Passwords” can help you recover them.

SterJo Edge Passwords has a single window user interface in which you will find all the tools needed for passwords recovery. All you have to do is install and launch it on your PC and it will display all the passwords it can find. In the list of discovered passwords, you will be able to see the URLs, usernames, passwords, time created, and how many times it has been used in the browser.

SterJo Edge Passwords

You can right-click on any of these passwords and choose to copy the URL, copy the password, copy the username or copy all of these together. You can also save all the discovered passwords into a text file. You can then use this text file to print all the passwords through a connected printer.

SterJo Edge Passwords works with both the new Chromium based Edge web browser and the older Microsoft Edge browser which is no longer included with Windows. This is why it is a good tool to recover the saved passwords from Edge from an old PC that you have not used for ages.

You can download SterJo Edge Passwords from