Z-Cron : Advanced Task Scheduler for Windows

Z-Cron is a task scheduler software for Windows which is available for free for personal use. Using this software we can schedule any command, task or program to be run at any time with a pre-defined frequency. It has a unique user interface that allows you to schedule tasks down to the hours in a day. It offers a large number of ready-to-use commands that can also be combined together.

After the installation, Z-Cron sits in the system tray and we can access the main Z-Cron window by double-clicking on its notification area icon. In the Z-Cron window, we can see all the tasks that are already configured and add new tasks to the scheduler.

When we add a new task, we have to give it a label, description, command line, parameters, batch file, frequency, automatically start with Windows and more. We can schedule the task and place the checkmarks in the scheduler window to configure it to be run at particular hours of a day.


When adding a new task, we can use “Tools” provided by Z-Cron instead of adding programs, commands or batch scripts manually. These tools can make setting up a new task very easy. Some of these tasks include commands to show alarms, play music files, play videos, check websites, send emails, change wallpapers, run file operations, toggle network interfaces off or on and more.

One of the interesting functions offered for creating a task is MP3-FOLDER which can be used to load a folder containing MP3 files and play them all one-by-one. Similarly, we can use VIDEO-FOLDER to play all the video files stored in a specified folder. Both the MP3 files and the video files are played using an in-built Z-Cron media player.


All in all, Z-Cron is a wonderful task scheduler for Windows with a wealth of features. It gives tons of options both for scheduling the time and for setting up the task command. It is free for personal use only.

You can download Z-Cron from https://www.z-cron.com/.