Change Your Voice with Funny Effects on Android Devices

Voice Changer with Effects is a very interesting and fun app for Android devices. Using this app we can record our voice and add funny effects to them. Then we can play that voice recording and have a great laugh. You can even send the fun recordings to your friends via email messages or share them online using your social networking accounts.

In this app, you have to give permissions to use your device’s microphone for the obvious reasons – so that it can record your voice through the microphone. In the app, you can tap on the microphone icon to start recording your voice. You can keep recording your voice as long as you want. Whenever you wish to stop recording, you can tap on the microphone icon once again.

Once you are done recording your voice, you are ready for adding various effects. In order to use any of the various effects available in this app, we can just tap on the play icon next to those effects. There are all sorts of effects such as Normal (which is no effect applied), Helium, Hexafluoride, Robot, Big Robot, Cave, Deep Voice, Backwards, Monster, Small Creature, Optimus Robot, Telephone, Nervous, Extraterrestrial, Cathedral, Cyborg, Poltergeist, Singing Chipmunks, Android, Skull Mask, Drunk Giant, Squirrel,Dark Cyborg, Grand Canyon, Zombie, Child, Underwater, Duck, Vocoder, Batterlow, Shrinking, Megaphone, Fan, Sarcastic Robot, Alien, Small Alien, Villain, Sheep, Death, Everything is Spinning, Overload and more.

Voice Changer with Effects

If you like any of these effects, you can save the recording in MP3 file format, share with others over social networks, export it to music library, set it as phone ringtone, set as notification ringtone and even set an image for the audio MP3 (by adding ID3 metadata).

With more than 40 different sound effects, Voice Changer with Effects is a really fun application for having some harmless fun with your friends and family members.

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