How to Retrieve Files from Linux Partitions when using Windows

DiskInternals Linux Recovery is a software for Windows using which we can access Linux partitions and retrieve files or folders from them. It is very useful when you are not able to boot into the Linux and access your files. In these situations, we can attach those drives to a Windows PC and use DiskInternals Linux Recovery to quickly recover our important files.

DiskInternals Linux Recovery is a Windows application and works on both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the operating system. After its installation, we can launch and use its wizard like interface that takes us from one step to another and helps us recover files from Linux partitions.

If you do not like the wizard interface, we can use the classic explorer like interface which displays all the available partitions including the Windows and Linux partitions. It is able to access the partitions of ext2, ext3 and ext4 types. In order to mount a partition, we can right-click on it and choose Mount image. After you have mounted it, you can access it from the File Explorer like any other partition on your computer.

Linux Recovery

If you do not wish to mount a Linux partition and just want to retrieve a few files, you can simply double-click on it or right-click and choose Open partition. This will load the partition inside Linux Recovery window and you can browse through its contents just like Windows File Explorer. The contents of any folder can be displayed in different ways – icons, thumbnails, lists or details.

Whenever you want to save some of the files, you can select them, right-click on them and choose Save. You can also select the folders that you wish to retrieve and then click on the Save button in the toolbar. You can even search for files using their names through a simple search box.

Linux Recovery

DiskInternals Linux Recovery is very useful when you want to quickly retrieve some files from the Linux partitions. These partitions could be from a dual-boot Windows & Linux configuration, from the drives of a separate Linux computer, or from an external hard drive.

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