SysMetrix : Beautiful Clock for Windows Desktop

SysMetrix is a beautiful looking analog clock for the Windows desktop. We can change the way it looks through the use of skins. As the title of the software suggests, it also displays system metrics inside this analog clock. In addition to the date and time, SysMetrix shows the CPU usage, memory usage, hard drive, temperature and other information. It also shows the recycle bin status as well indicates when you receive a new email message in a pre-configured email account.

There is so much information that can be displayed using SysMetrix that we cannot describe it all in a small article. To name a few of the items that it can display, date, time, username, IP address, CPU usage, machine name, Windows uptime, RAM statistics, network statistics, recycle bin status, hard drive usage, mouse position, volume level, Windows version, special keys status on the keyboard (caps lock, num lock, scroll lock), local weather information, WiFi status, battery status (for laptops) and more.


Some of this information appears in form of toast message popups when we hover the mouse cursor over different parts of the clock. But this is not the only thing that this free clock does for the Windows users. We can right-click on the clock and access advanced features from the right-click menu.

We can configure SysMetrix, access the documentation, change system date/time, access system volume settings, sync the system clock to the atomic clock provided by the US government, access the recycle bin, weather and the email settings. Apart from these, we can also logoff, restart, shutdown, or force shutdown the computer through the use of this right-context menu.


SysMetrix is a highly customizable information desktop clock. We can change its position, we can change its skin and we can customize it to display a lot of system information.

You can download SysMetrix from