Backup & Restore Start Menu Layout Easily in Windows

When we install Windows 10 fresh on a computer, it presents with a fresh start menu. We can add tiles or remove tiles from this start menu. And as time passes by and we keep installing new software or modifying the system settings, the start menu does not look the same. Depending on the way we have used Windows, the start menu may start to look messed up. Unfortunately, there is no official way to restore the fresh new look for the start menu for a user account on Windows.

However someone has prepared a free tool called “Backup Start Menu Layout” which does exactly what it says – it is able to backup and restore your start menu layouts. It is very useful for the users who have taken a lot of pain to design and create for themselves a perfect start menu. They might wish to save the the status of their start menu for later use. Using this tool, they can save one or more layouts for their start menu and later restore them at will.

Backup Start Menu Layout

This application has a very easy user interface. After launching “Backup Start Menu Layout”, you can click on the small save icon in the toolbar to save the current start menu layout. For each of the saved layout, you can give a descriptive name. In the same manner, you can select a backed up layout and then click on the restore icon from the toolbar to restore it. There is an option to delete the saved layouts too.

The Backup Start Menu Layout application is a portable program so that you do not have to install it before you can use it. In addition to multiple backups, you can also use the tool to reset the start menu to default settings anytime you want.

You can download Backup Start Menu Layout from