ForceDelete : Delete Stubborn Files in Windows

ForceDelete is a Windows tool for deleting hard-to-delete files that otherwise cannot be deleted so easily. It is useful in situations when you are trying to delete files and one or other error shows up on your screen. This error could be – “Access denied”, “Sharing violation”, “This file is in use by another process”, “This file is open by the system”, “This file is in use by another user” and more.

In those cases, the files cannot be deleted no matter how many times you try to delete them. They cannot be deleted from the Windows File Explorer, using command prompt, using PowerShell, or using Terminal. This is when ForceDelete becomes very useful. It is able to delete all the files that cannot be deleted using the ordinary File Explorer Delete command.

ForceDelete can quickly unlock any locked files, remove file handles, free up the resources and then deletes them. It makes it so easy to delete the stubborn files that it is unbelievable. You can delete files using ForceDelete using two methods – through the GUI or through its right-click context-menu.


In the GUI mode, you have to drag-n-drop the target files on the ForceDelete window and it will jump into action right-away. It deletes the dropped files instantly. If you have selected the option to shred the files (delete them permanently by securely overwriting them first), then those files are deleted irrecoverably.

If you have enabled the context-menu option, then you can right-click on any file or folder and choose to Force Delete those files. If you do not want to delete these files and just want to unlock them, then you can use the context menu option Unlock by Force Delete.

ForceDelete is available as a portable application and is very good at unlocking and deleting locked and in-use files. It can delete files that cannot be deleted normally using a number of ways.

You can download ForceDelete from