How to Restore Windows Photo Viewer Easily

Applications in Windows 7 and older versions of Windows were much simpler, easier to use and were really very fast. Starting with Windows 8, things started to change and some of the applications became bulkier or slower. Some of these applications have been replaced with newer applications.

Windows Photo Viewer is one of such applications that has been now replaced with new applications in Windows 10 and Windows 11. But if you are longing for the old Windows Photo Viewer, then you can easily restore it on Windows 10/11. This is possible through a third party software called Restore Windows Photo Viewer which makes restoring Windows Photo Viewer very easy for everyone.

When we launch Restore Windows Photo Viewer, it shows a small window from where we can assign the old Windows Photo Viewer to various image file types. It can open JPEG files (JPG, JPE, JPEG, JFIF), Bitmap files (BMP, ICO, DIB), PNG, TIFF, TIF, WDP, JXR and the GIF animations. By default all of these are selected, but we can choose to select/deselect any of these groups of image types.

Restore Windows Photos Viewer

Next option available through this application is whether we want to restore Windows Photo Viewer for all the users or for only the current user. In order to restore it for all the users, we have to relaunch this application with administrator rights.

After choosing all of these options, you can click on the Restore Windows Photo Viewer button and it will register Windows Photo Viewer as an image viewer on your Windows 10/11 PC. But this is not enough. We still have to change the options from Windows Settings. We have to select Windows Photo Viewer as the default photo viewer. You can also right-click on various image files and choose a default app for them.

You can download Restore Windows Photo Viewer from