RVB Free : Color Code Translation for Windows Users

On a computer, colors are easily represented using their numerical codes. There are many different color coding systems in use. Depending on which computer program you are using or which programming language you are working with, you might have to use a different color coding system. For example, if you are coding HTML then you have to use hexadecimal color codes such as #FFCC66. If you are using a graphics editor such as GIMP, then you may have to use RGB codes such as (255, 134, 100).

Using these color codes, we can come up with almost all sorts of colors. The total number of the colors possible using these codes is nearly 16 million. If you want to find out colors in terms of these codes then you can use a free software called RVB Free.

RVB Free is designed using Java and therefore you need to install JRE on your system before you can use. You can yourself download and install JRE on your system or wait for the RVB Free setup to download & install it for you. Once this is taken care of, you can launch RVB Free.


This software has a simple user interface. It has a list of popular color names which you can select and then click on the Conversion button. It will display the selected color’s RGB and Hex values. Similarly, we can choose RGB values for a color using the slider controls and it will display the hex color code. In the exactly the same manner, we can enter a hex color code and it will show you that color’s RGB value. If the color has a popular color name then it is also selected from the list.

RVB Free can be handy for the programmers and web developers who wish to quickly find the colors for use in their projects. It can convert colors from RGB to Hex and vice-versa. However, it does not offer any color picker that can be used to pick color from any pixel on your screen.

You can download RVB Free from http://europesoftwares.net/freeware-windows-macintosh-linux-solaris-rvb/rvb.aspx?l=GBR.