Bolt PDF : Free PDF Printer Software for Windows

Bolt PDF is a free virtual PDF printer software for Widows. It is perfect for those people who want to create PDF files from any application. In addition, you can also save paper and printer ink/toner by saving something as PDF which had to be printed off your printer. For example, when you have filed your taxes online and the website is showing the receipt to be printed, you can save it as PDF file instead using Bolt PDF. This not only saves the paper but also helps the environment.

Bolt PDF is a very small setup installer package compared to many others available on the internet. For example, Bullzip PDF software is nearly 50 MB in size while the Bolt PDF complete package is just a 1 MB file. Even with such a small installation package, it manages to do everything that other virtual PDF printer can.

Bolt PDF

The way we use Bolt PDF is similar to any other printer. You have to open a document that you want to save as PDF file and then use the print command (from the menubar or using the possible hotkey Ctrl+P). In the print dialog, we have to select Bolt PDF printer and print the document as usual.

In the Bolt PDF software there are not many options available which makes it very easy to use. One of the options is about choosing the save folder where the created PDF files are saved. By default this folder is set to the user profile “documents” folder but it can be set to any custom folder of your choice.

Bolt PDF

The second option available from the Bolt PDF user interface is about setting it as the default printer on your Windows PC. This can be done by choosing the Set as default printer option from the Tools menu. By setting it as the default printer, you can avoid picking the Bolt PDF printer each time you have to use it.

Bolt PDF

Bolt PDF virtual printer is a really fast solution for creating PDF files. It works with all versions of Windows and with all the popular applications that allow printing.

You can download Bolt PDF from