dBug : Stops Malware from Running on Windows PC

Even if you have installed a good antivirus on your Windows PC, sometimes a nasty new virus can make it to your PC. It can happen in a number of ways, for example, if you disable the installed antivirus for a while when playing PC games in order to free up system resources for the game. As soon as you relax the system security, the malware sneaks behind you into the computer.

So what should we do when such things happen? Surely you would want to  scan it with a good anti-malware so that it can be removed. But what if the suspected malicious program has disabled or blocked all the anti-malware software to be run. In that case, you won’t be able to run antivirus software on your PC.

In those situations, we can make use a freeware third-party tool called dBug. It is a very small Windows application that can help us remove the malware from any Windows PC. As soon as dBug is run, your Windows PC is restarted. There is no warning or alert that your computer is going to reboot. Just launch it and the Windows will be restarted. This is why you should save any files if they are open.


Upon restart, you will see a message from dBug that it has disabled both the wanted and the unwanted programs from running. Only Microsoft programs such as Notepad or Regedit can be run. Another set of programs allowed as the antivirus, anti-malware and malware removal software.

Now you can run a good malware removal software such as Emsisoft Emergency Kit which is a scanner that can be used to find and remove malware from infected computers. Other vendors also offer similar tools that ca n be used to remove malware from your PC.

Once you have removed the malware, you can run dBug once again. At this point it will remove the modifications made to your PC and restart it once again. Upon restart all the program restrictions are removed and you can run any program you want.

You can download dBug from https://www.d7xtech.com/free-software/dbug/.