Learn Japanese Easily with NHK World App for Android

Now that the world has started to open up a little and the pandemic related lockdown situations all over the world are being relaxed, many people are thinking of traveling abroad. If you are also planning to visit a foreign country such as Japan, then it is beneficial to know a few Japanese phrases and words.

Fortunately, with the help of the NHK World app for Android and iOS it is very easy to learn some Japanese in a matter of a few minutes. NHK is a news TV station from Japan that covers news from all over the world. It also has an app for mobile devices which features news articles, live TV broadcasts, TV shows on demand and also lessons in the Japanese language.

The NHK World app is designed for all the people all over the world. When you launch this app, you are allowed to select a language from 18 different languages. There is a big chance that it is available in your local language as these 18 languages cover all the major languages from all over the globe.

NHK World Japanese

In order to start learning the Japanese language through very easy to follow instructions, you can switch to the Japanese section of the app. The Japanese lessons are divided into five sections – conversations, grammar, Kanji, video and audio. You can start learning with basic everyday conversation phrases such as asking for directions, introducing yourself with your name and profession, useful phrases when using public transportation, useful phrases when shopping in a store and more.

From this app, you can also learn the basic Japanese grammar, conversations that can happen at workplace, essential Japanese for travelers, reading news in the Japanese and so on. The companion website for the app also offers PDF downloads for learning Japanese that you can download and print on your printer. They also have podcasts where you can listen to the native Japanese people speaking various Japanese phrases.

You can get the NHK World app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.or.nhk.nhkworld.tv&hl=en.