TextMorph : Free Text Editor with Unicode Support

TextMorph is a free text-editor for Windows. It offers full UNICODE support. On the surface, it may look like any other text editor but it comes with some features that allow you to convert the file formats and text formats instantly.

This program can be used to open the text files and HTML files. It can be used to convert the two from one format to another. In addition, we can use some tools for searching, replacing and cleanup of the text. In the TextMorph window, we have cleanup tools that offer regular cleanup as well as poem cleanup. Furthermore, we can create our own custom tools and add them to the toolbar.

TextMorph comes with encryption and decryption tools for any file. First of all we have to open a text file, enter a password and save it to the local storage drive. When an file is encrypted, the first line of that text file becomes “**This file has been encrypted by TextMorph**” followed by the encrypted data. We can decrypt the file later using the same tools.


As far as the editing is concerned, we can use a ton of tools from the menubar. These tools are related to carriage return types, capitalization, line spacing, alter characters, HTML conversion, search & replace, cleanup text and the cleanup test for poems or list.

You can use TextMorph tool for working with a single text or HTML file. But the tools supplied by TextMorph can also be used on multiple files. For this, we can use the “Multiple File Morph” function which is available from the File menubar. This is why TextMorph is a very useful tool for anyone who wants to apply the changes to multiple text or HTML files in a very few clicks.

You can download TextMorph from https://www.ssesetup.com/textmorph.html.