2Browse : Useful Emergency Web Browser for Windows

There are so many times when we have to fix a friend’s computer. Often it involves removing harmful or malicious software from the system. For these tasks, we have to download antivirus or anti-malware from the internet. We may also have to access some settings in Windows to modify them. Although  all of these can be done using a number of methods such as PowerShell, cmd.exe or Run dialog, but with the help of a freeware, portable, single-file web browser called 2Browse, everything becomes easier.

2Browse is a web browser developed specially for the technicians who are trying to disinfect a Windows PC and remove malware from it. It is a single EXE browser and does not require installation of any kind. You can basically launch 2Browse browser by double-clicking on the 2browse.exe file. It is a completely self-contained file and runs on any modern Windows version without any problem. It can be launched from a USB drive as well which is an advantage for the technicians.


2Browse provides links to all the popular anti-virus software sites, anti-malware scanner sites, other miscellaneous malware removal and troubleshooting tools. These links do not lead to the main website but open the download webpage directly. So if you click on the link of AVG Antivirus, it will open the webpage for AVG free antivirus download. Then you can download the antivirus, install it on the PC and your job is done.

While browsing the website of Kaspersky, we encountered some script errors which indicates that 2Browse is built upon the old Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser control. While it will work on most of the sites, some sites may not load properly with that old control. It would have been better if they also included some other essential links such as web browser downloads.

You can download 2Browse from https://www.carifred.com/2browse/.