Ampere : Realtime Android Phone Battery Charging Statistics

When your phone’s battery runs our of charge, you have to connect it to a wall charger, wireless charger or a power bank to recharge the battery up. Even though we can connect the phone to the USB ports of a computer for charging the battery, it is not going to charge very fast.

Which of the power banks or wall chargers are going to fill the battery again faster? Usually we just look at the ratings printed on the charging devices, but we have a better method to find out. Using an app called Ampere, we can find out which of the wall chargers, power banks or USB ports is providing the fastest charging possible for your smartphone.

Ampere is a small application that tracks the charging and discharging of the battery of any Android phone. After the installation of Ampere when we launch it, it is going to display some basic information about the phone’s battery. It shows the phone manufacturer, phone model, the battery capacity, battery type, Android version, build version etc. For the battery, it also displays the current temperature of the battery and the voltage of the battery terminals as reported by the internal mobile phone’s circuit.


When we connect the phone to a wall charger or power bank, all the information displayed by Ampere is in green color. Similarly, when we disconnect any charging device, the Ampere information color turns red to indicate a draining battery. For the charging sessions, it displays the maximum current supplied to the battery. And for discharging sessions, it displays the minimum and maximum draining current in mA units.

Bu noticing the higher charging current, we can select a really fast wall charger or power bank for our Android smartphone. Similarly, if we notice a higher discharging current then we can see that some app is draining the battery really fast and we can investigate it further

You can get the Ampere Android app from