How to Disable Game Booster in BullGuard Antivirus

BullGuard antivirus is a really powerful antivirus software for all Windows users. As of now, it supports all Windows PC running on Windows 7 SP1 and above. Unlike some of the big names of the security industry, this BullGuard antivirus is not bloated and does not consume half of your system resources. Once installed, it keeps protecting your Windows PC without interfering in everyday activities and using only a minimal of the system resources.

But one thing that annoyed me from this high performance antivirus product is its game booster module. As soon as we switch to full-screen mode when playing games, BullGuard Game Booster widget is displayed on the screen. This is not really interesting when we are seriously playing games like Fortnite. In fact it could distract us and we can lose a really cool game position.

So how do we disable this game booster? Here is how we can go about it:

  1. Double-click on the BullGuard icon in the notification area. You can also right-click on this icon and choose Show BullGuard. This will open BullGuard dashboard window.BullGuard Game Booster
  2. In the BullGuard dashboard, click on the drop-down list under Game Booster and then select Settings.BullGuard Game Booster
  3. Toggle off the option next to Detect fullscreen games and reduce BullGuard resource usage when playing.BullGuard Game Booster
  4. This is it, now you have diabled BullGuard Game Booster.

According to BullGuard, this feature reduces system resources usage as soon as you switch to the full-screen games. This could be really good for people with low end systems having an older CPU and a limited amount of RAM. But if you have a powerful gaming rig, then BullGuard’s resource usage is not going to put any dent in your overall system performance. In that case, it is better to disable the Game Booster and get rid of the widget being displayed n the game screen.