How to Disable GOG Galaxy from Launching at Startup

There are so many digital game distribution platforms available today such as Epic Games store, Ubisoft Connect, Steam, Origin, GOG and more. One of these, GOG, is known to provide DRM free game installers that can be used to install games as many times as you want once you have paid for the game.

All of these platforms also provide launchers that can be used to manage, purchase, install and update your games easily without going to their website in a web browser. GOG also provides such a launcher which is called GOG Galaxy client. Upon installation of GOG Galaxy, it sets itself to be launched automatically at Windows startup. While this can be very useful for the PC gamers who have a dedicated gaming computer, people who use their PC for other things can find it a little distracting.

If you don’t want GOG Galaxy client to be launched at each time you start your Windows PC, then you can disable it from auto-starting in the following manner:

  1. Launch GOG Galaxy from its desktop shortcut.
  2. Click on the cogwheel icon near the top-left corner and select Settings from there.GOG Galaxy Auto-start
  3. Select General category from the left side list.
  4. From under the Convenience section, uncheck the checkbox labeled Launch GOG Galaxy at system startup.GOG Galaxy Auto-start
  5. Close GOG Galaxy client window and now it will no longer automatically start at Windows logon.

Even after you have disabled GOG Galaxy client from launching at Windows startup, you can launch GOG Galaxy from its desktop shortcut. There is no difference made in the experience of browsing the games on GOG Galaxy, buying and installing them on your computer. These games are still DRM free and can be installed on any PC that you own. But if you decide to have it automatically launched with Windows, you can reverse all the steps mentioned above in the same order.