How to Make WhatsApp Voice or Video Calls on Desktop PC

WhatsApp is a well know messaging app probably installed on more than half of world’s smartphones. It is owned by Facebook and can be made to make high-definition video and voice calls to your acquaintances on WhatsApp. It is liked by the security conscious people too because it offers very high grade encryption of all the messages, pictures, videos, and voice or video calls. And recently they have also started online payment service using which we can send and receive money from any of our WhatsApp contacts.

If you have used WhatsApp’s web app through a desktop web browser, then you already know that you cannot make a voice or video call to anyone through it. However, there is a very easy way to make voice/video calls from your desktop PC. Here is how:

  1. On Windows 10/11 you have to give permission for sharing your microphone. This can be done by opening Windows Settings (Win+I), selecting Privacy, then Microphone and then enabling Allow apps to access your microphone.Whatsapp Voice Call from Desktop PC
  2. Install WhatsApp for Desktop by downloading it from
  3. After WhatsApp for Desktop has been installed, launch it from its desktop shortcut and scan the QR code using the WhatsApp on your mobile phone. This is the only way to login to your WhatsApp account on the WhatsApp app for Desktop.
  4. As you select one of your contacts in the left side list, you will be able to see the video call or voice call buttons for them. Clicking on these buttons will start the video/voice call.Whatsapp Voice Call from Desktop PC

Just like with the web app for WhatsApp, the WhatsApp app for Desktop also requires that you keep your smartphone (on which WhatsApp is installed) online. This can be easily achieved by connecting both the smartphone and the desktop PC to the same WiFi network. But we can also use separate internet connections for both of the devices.