Extend System Menu for All Windows with SmartSystemMenu

When you click on the top-left corner of any open window (such as that of Notepad) a menu appears on your screen – it is called system menu. This menu is application specific and contains some basic commands such as close the window or move that window.

Now with the help of a third-party application called SmartSystemMenu, we can add many more helpful commands to the system menu of any window. SmartSystemMenu is available as a portable application so it does not require any installation. It is also an open-source application and can be customized if you know C# programming.

As soon as you launch SmartSystemMenu, it starts working. There is no visual indication that it is doing its job in the background other than a notification area icon. From this notification area icon, we can open SmartSystemMenu settings and close it.


In the settings for SmartSystemMenu, we can change which of the commands are displayed in the system menu of various open windows. We can choose if there are any processes for which system menu is not to be modified. There are is a resize menu for which we can add or edit new resize dimensions. We can also add new programs or commands to the start section of the system menu.

The SmartSystemMenu modifies the system menu of various open windows to have many extra commands such as information, roll up, Aero glass, always on top, send to bottom, save screenshot, open file in Explorer, drag by mouse, resize, movie, set alignment, transparency, priority, clipboard, system tray, other windows and launch programs.


SmartSystemMenu can save our valuable time when running some repeated commands or programs. It also makes it very convenient to work with open windows by adding new features such as resizing or changing their opacity. Some of these commands are actually not easy to find without the aid of special applications.

You can download SmartSystemMenu from https://github.com/AlexanderPro/SmartSystemMenu.