Regards Viewer is Powerful Image Viewer for Linux, Windows and Mac

Regards Viewer is an open-source image viewer and comes with powerful effects that can dazzle any user. It is being offered for all the major desktop platforms. It makes use of the GPU acceleration and requires that your GPU has support for OpenGL/OpenCL otherwise it will fail to launch.

The user interface of Regards Viewer gives a feeling that it was designed for large screens. You will enjoy using  it if your computer has 22 inches or larger size screens and even better if the dimensions are ultra-wide. The image viewer asks for association with all the popular image formats at first launch – but you should associate only the ones that you want to be opened in Regards Viewer later.

Regards Viewer comes with three modes on Windows – Explorer Mode, Viewer Mode and Picture Mode. In the Explorer mode, it shows a directory list on the left, selected image in the middle and thumbnails of all the images in the selected folder on the right-side. In the Viewer mode, a thumbnail strip is displayed at the bottom and the selected image information to the right. And in the Picture mode, it removes all the thumbnails or information – just displays the selected image.

Regards Viewer

When you are navigating your pictures in any of these modes, you can view them through a number of effects such as Color Balance, Photo Filter, Sepia, Grey Scale and so on. For these effects, your GPU must have support for OpenCL.

From the toolbar, we can access features such as “Export Diaporama” which makes an MP4 video using the selected pictures. Similarly, the “Export Files” feature creates a PDF file containing all the selected images. It can also scan or print documents or photos if you a printer/scanner connected to your computer. It does not come with an in-built editor but you can configure a third-party picture editor to work with Regards Viewer.

You can download Regards Viewer from or from