AllSync : Backup and Synchronization Tool for Windows

All experts agree that keeping regular backups of your important files is the only sure way of protection against a myriad number of threats such as malware, file corruption, accidental file deletion, hardware failure etc. If we regularly make backups of our files over a remote media than we will be able to recover our files in almost any situation including the loss of theft of the computer.

For making backups of your files, we can employ AllSync which is an excellent program for folder synchronization and data backup on personal computers, laptops or of the entire network. Features offered by AllSync include synchronization, updating, duplication and backup of files and folders.

As we launch AllSync for the very first time, it asks us to choose an edition and we can pick from the Home, Professional or Business editions. The home edition is meant for personal use of individuals on a single PC while the other two editions can be used commercially in large networks or firms.

For starting a backup or sync task, we have to first create profiles. In the profile we can add settings required for copying files between two or more folders. You can have as many profiles as needed and all of the saved in AllSync. It comes with a profile manager that assists in creating a profile using a wizard like interface.


AllSync offers six different types of copy modes which must be specified in the profile. There is 1:1 copy mode which results in identical copies of both folders. There is update mode which copies only changed and new files to destination. Other modes offered are sync, populate, backup and user-defined. The last mode is great for creating a custom set of rules when copying files.

Backups could claim a large portion of your storage drives. AllSync comes with support for compressed backups. It can create ZIP archives of the backups which not only save the space on your storage drives, but also are very convenient in copying over other data storage media.

AllSync is not free and is offered in only a 21 day trial package. After you have evaluated the software you may decide to buy a full version license. We highly recommend this software for all the backup and syncing needs of Windows PC users.

You can download AllSync from