Extend Laptop Battery Life with ReviverSoft Battery Optimizer

All laptops come with a Lithium-ion battery that can run the computer for a few hours. After battery has run out of the charge, you have to connect the laptop to an AC outlet so that the battery can be recharged. These charge and discharge cycles are limited for all the Lithium-ion batteries. Usually we can charge and discharge a typical laptop battery for only 400-600 times depending on the manufacturer and operating conditions. After that the laptop battery loses the ability to hold the 100% charge  and as time passes becomes more and more unpredictable.

If you are worried about running your laptop battery out of the discharge cycles, then you can use a free program called ReviverSoft Battery Optimizer to extend your laptop battery’s life easily. It is an advanced battery optimization tool that carries out battery related diagnostics and optimizes device operation thereby extending battery life remarkably.

As we launch Battery Optimizer, it shows the basic information about the battery life – the total battery charge available, how much use-time left at the current battery charge, the battery health, potential battery life, and how much potential battery life has been extended.

Battery Optimizer

The battery health can be excellent, good, poor or attention needed. If it is excellent, then battery capacity is above 90% of the designed capacity. If it is good, then it is in the range of 50-89%. If it is poor, then it is in the range 20-49%. And if the battery cannot even hold 20% of the rated capacity charge, then it is really very bad and you should immediately replace the laptop battery.

For finding out potential battery life and potential gain in battery life, we need to run diagnostics on it. We can also use it to monitor the battery usage. We can set the monitor to give us alerts when the battery usage reaches a pre-specified limit so that the user can connect the laptop to a charger.

Battery Optimizer can optimize the system by turning off unnecessary applications and system services to reduce the consumption of the battery installed in the laptop. This allows the battery to last a few minutes more which comes handy while working or gaming.

You can download ReviverSoft Battery Optimizer from https://www.reviversoft.com/battery-optimizer/.

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