How to Enable Dark Theme for Google Search

Just like all the other apps, operating systems and web browsers, Google Search also offers dark and light themes. The dark them is easy on the eyes when you are using your desktop PC in darker surroundings. This is very useful for people who work till late night and have to work with dim lights.

The dark theme does not put too much stress on your eyes at night time and helps your eyes relax more. The dark mode is also helpful in avoiding the disturbance of natural circadian rhythm of human body which is the natural timer in the brain that tells us to sleep and stay awake. If we use bright light at late night, the circadian rhythm is disturbed and then we cannot go to sleep. This could later develop into insomnia and other sleep disorders.

All of these problems can be prevented to a small extent by taking care of your eyes. Using the dark mode for Google Search at night is just one small step that we can all take.

Google Search Dark Mode

So here is how we can quickly enable the dark theme for Google Search for the desktop web browsers:

  1. First of all visit Google Search ( in your desktop web browser. We recommend using Google Chrome or Vivaldi web browsers.
  2. You have to login to your Google account before making changes to the settings. You can login by clicking on the Sign in button near the top-right corner.
  3. Now you have just perform any type of search on Google. For example, you can search for “Android 12”.
  4. When search results are displayed, you will notice a cogwheel icon near the top-right corner. Click on this cogwheel icon to pull down the Quick Settings.Google Search Dark Mode
  5. From the Quick Settings, you can select the Dark Theme as shown in the screenshot. As soon as you select the Dark Theme, Google Search becomes dark.Google Search Dark Mode

There are some other options similar to the dark theme – you can select the light theme and also the “Device default”. The device default mode picks the same mode as the operating system. For example, if you have selected dark theme on Windows 10/11 then Google Search will automatically become dark.