Manage Large Music Collections with WAF Music Manager

As soon as the music records were invented and were made available commercially, people started collecting them. After the gramophone records came vinyl records, then tapes, tape cassettes, audio CDs and then MP3s. No matter what kind of technology people use for storing music, we tend to collect them in large numbers. Even now when music is readily available over online streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Music, some people have huge music collection in terms of computer files.

If you also have a large music collection on your computer or various storage disks, then you may be interested in a free software called WAF Music Manager. This software has everything to manage, play and edit the music files on your PC.

However, the program is designed to work on only Windows 10 and Windows 11. The application also requires Microsoft .NET 6 Desktop Runtime which can be downloaded and installed from Only after you have installed .NET runtime, you should proceed to installing the actual application.

WAF Music Manager

The download progress first downloads the application installer from its own servers which ensures the latest version of WAF Music Manager. It places a shortcut on your Windows desktop using which we can launch it easily.

In the user interface of WAF Music Manager, you have to select a folder where your music files are stored. You have to manually type this folder path and it will quickly search that folder for all types of music files that it supports namely MP3, WMA, M4A (AAC), WAV and FLAC. If the files are not in the MP3 format, it gives you options to convert them into the MP3 format.

WAF Music Manager

From the toolbar at the bottom of the list of all the music files, we can choose to play the files, add them to the playlist or convert them all to MP3 format. For any of the selected files, you can see the ID3 tag metadata in the side bar. You can also see the playlist and conversion status in the side bar.

WAF Music Manager is a very lightweight application and does not add any bloat in the user interface. It does not consume too much of the system resources and works flawlessly. It can handle thousands of music files without any problem and we can search through a large music collection easily.

You can download WAF Music Manager from