NoteTab Light : Free Text and HTML Editor for Windows

Creating a new text file and opening an existing text file are two things for which we all look for a lightweight program – a program that is quick to open, very fast at loading a file, is not tacky looking and has no bloat features. There is Windows’ Notepad but it has many limitations. This is why so many people look for Notepad alternatives. NoteTab Light is one of such Notepad alternatives which can effectively replace Notepad on Windows. It is a plain-text editor but offers support for HTML and other types of source-code files.

As perhaps anyone can guess from the title of the software itself, it has a tabbed user interface. We can open multiple files at the same time in a number of tabs. This is very similar to another popular text editor – Notepad++.

NoteTab Light

NoteTab Light comes with a number of useful tools that are both productive and time-saving. One of these utilities is Clipbook. We can save snippets of text in this clipbook and later recall them. This acts like a tiny clipboard inside NoteTab Light. Another useful tool is Auto-Replace which can be used to automatically replace a string of text with another as soon as you open files without having to do anything on your part. It has a special feature for adding accented letters in the text, for example, when you are typing Spanish or French words.

In addition, we can use NoteTab Light can be used to convert CSV data files into HTML tables, convert rich text files into plain text files, cleanup the excess data from an HTML file that was created using Microsoft Word, convert the HTML files into plain text files, generate passwords that are very strong, secure all of your files by the use of encryption and more.

You can download NoteTab Light from