Convert Font File Formats Using Font Converter Online

Font files have been in use since the mid 1980’s. Adobe, Apple and Microsoft have been using a number of different types of fonts for decades. Some of these font types are rarely used now but are still available online. For example, the BIN type fonts were introduced by Adobe as PostScript Type 1 fonts back in 1984. These fonts can still be found on some old archives online. But the problem is that those fonts are not recognized by all the applications or operating systems. If you have some font files that are valid fonts but cannot be used by an application because of the unsupported font file format, then you have to first convert their font file format.

Here is how we can use Font Converter web app to change the font file formats quickly:

  1. Visit in your web browser. We recommend Google Chrome or Vivaldi for this.
  2. Choose a target font file format from TTF, WOFF, WOFF2, OTF, EOT and SVG. For example, if you want to convert your font files into OTF file format, then choose OTF.
  3. Click on the Upload button and select all the font files that you want to convert. Alternatively, you can also drag-n-drop your font files on its window. There is a limit of 20 font files that you can upload at one time. So if you have 50 files, you can upload them in 3 stages (20 files first, 20 more files second and finally 10 files). Supported font file types for uploading are BIN, CFF, DFONT, EOT, GSF, OTB, OTF, PFA, PFB, PS, PT3, SFD, SVG, T42, TFM, TTC, TTF, WOFF and, WOFF2.Font Converter
  4. As soon as you finish uploading, it starts the conversion of files. Pretty soon all the converted font files are available for download. You can download these files one at a time or click on the Download All button to download them all in a ZIP archive at once.

This web app is very convenient and useful if you quickly want a font file in a modern font file format. They delete all the uploaded fonts withing next one hour.