Play the Word Guessing Game – Wordle by New York Times

Wordle is a web-based word guessing game published by the American daily newspaper New York Times everyday. The whole world has gone crazy playing this word game ever since the New York Times acquired it from its original creator. In this game, you have only six tries to guess the five letter word. What makes people go mad is that there is no clue or hint. It is more like a modernized version of another popular word game – hangman except that the unpleasant hanging part is removed.

So how do you play Wordle? In order to play Wordle, you just have to visit You can visit it on your desktop computer, on a tablet or on your smartphone. The game works everywhere. There is nothing to install and everyone can play this game. The game shows a place for entering the five letters and upon entering you will know how successful you were.

You cannot enter random letters, the arrangement of letters must make a meaningful word. They have a total of 12,949 words from which one word is selected everyday for this word puzzle. If you enter a word outside this list of words, then it will show an error word not found in the list.

New York Times' Wordle

If you enter a valid but wrong word, then it shows the letters in three colors – yellow, green and grey. The yellow letters are present in the target word but not in the current positions. The green letters are present in the target word at the correct positions. And the grey letters are not present in the target word at all. Using this knowledge we can move forward and keep trying to find the correct word.

There are 25 boxes you can use before the one last attempt and there are 26 letters in total, so basically you can find the word by thinking of a series of five letter words that contain all or most of the letters. But different players use a different strategy to find the word.

The New York Times’ Wordle stores your statistics in the local browser storage in form of cookies. You can check your winning or losing stats by clicking on the “chart” icon on the top. From its settings, you can make the game even harder by forcing yourself to use the letters revealed in earlier guesses.