Quickly Batch Rename Files with Better File Rename

If you have a large number of files and want to rename them in order to be able to manage them properly, then you can try Better File Rename. It is a batch file renaming utility for Windows. With its help we can rename multiple files based on a criteria and pattern.

Better File Rename offers a single window interface which makes it easy to keep an eye on both the files and the renaming options. We start by adding files to its window which has drag-n-drop support. After this, we can set the renaming options.

It comes with a number of renaming categories all of which are designed for different type of renaming requirements. There are categories such as sequence numbers, texts, characters, conversions, truncation, date & time, alphabetical sequences, MP3/AAC music, tags, advanced & special etc.

Better File Rename

As we select any of these categories, the renaming options also change accordingly. For example, when we select “Sequence Numbers”, we get many actions such as produce sequence number list, add sequence number at beginning, add sequence number at end, change existing sequence numbers, add or subtract from existing sequence numbers, and insert sequence numbers. Other categories display different actions in a similar way.

We can use these actions to rename our files in a smart way. As we choose an action, we find even more options that we can customize. We can add, append or remove parts from the file names. We can change the filename into upper case or lower case. We can rename music files (MP3/AAC) based on the metadata embedded inside them. Similarly, we can rename pictures based on the EXIF metadata from inside them.

Better File Rename has a powerful feature called multi-step renaming which allows for renaming in multiple stages. Using this method, we can first rename all files in a certain way, then another way and so on. For example, we can rename all the image files using sequence method and then append timestamp using the EXIF data.

You can download Better File Rename from https://www.publicspace.net/windows/BetterFileRename/index.html.